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Factors to Consider for Dog Training and Accreditation
We all love it when our dog does a number of intelligent tricks and runs.
A dog that has not cultivated discipline will be a threat to security irregardless of the breed of that dog.
For instance a German shepherd that is not on leash can hurt a passer by especially when the dog is not disciplined.
The thorough training of a dog will instill a high sense of discipline.
Dog training requires more patience and diligence than you might think.
Here are some few factors and you have to put into use in order to conduct an effective dog training program.
The basic things to understand your dog and no weather he or she is pure breed or mixed breed.
The training curriculum and administration of the program will you always take into account the breeder that is being trained.
This is due to the reason that different breeds of dogs have different strengths and survival skills.
The first set of dog training skills to be administered to your dog training should entail the level one novice tricks.
The set of skills are mandatory especially for dogs that seek for registration and a title from the American kennel club.
Make sure that your dog can perform a number of these skills from the first novice level such as working on cue, spinning in circles, crawling on the belly and ability to jump through a loop or over a bar.
Every good trainer that seeks to give his dog the best training sessions must take into consideration the stipulations and skill set offered by the canine good citizen designation.
A strong bond and a sense of dependency between the dog and its human can be instilled by the canine good citizen designation and skill set.
Good dog manners, behaviour and obedience can be instilled by the canine good citizen designation.
The dog should be capable of coming when he or she is called, sitting politely in order for petting, accepting friendly strangers and many more in order to receive canine good citizen designation and recognition.
Afterwards your dog is now qualified to proceed to the next level of them intermediate skill set.
Some of the skills in this category include; balancing the ball, catch, go find and fetch it.
The next factor for consideration is there advanced trick dog the advanced trick dog training follows afterwards.
Skills such as playing dead, walking on hind legs and ability to cover the eyes are part of the characteristics of the advanced trick dog training level.
The next stage for consideration is the trick dog performer.
The trick dog performer level requires your dog to put a number of the skill set into practical use.
The guidelines above always help you to secure a good title for your dog.